services include:

service descriptions:

Full service splicing; new splices, shortening, and rope stringing splices.

Inspections, visual and magnetic rope testing (MRT)
We provide visual inspections and a variety of MRT services from fixed grip lifts without removing your chairs to Zip Lines. We have 4 state of the art fully computerized MRT units to meet you needs. Please see the photo gallery for a better look at our equipment.

From rigging assistance and planning to full service rigging, we can help you.

Rope Repairs
Broken wire issues can often be fixed by displacing the localized breaks thus saving the cost of inserting strands, etc. If the damage is too severe, we can insert a strand even if it is within the splice.

Rope Replacement Assistance
Why pay for "turn key" replacement services? We can help you plan and execute the job "in house". In many cases we can also provide "turn key" replacements.

We are certified to make all resin, hot metal, and mechanical sockets.

Although Above & Beyond performs turn key services, we feel that in many cases the owner and the maintenance staff is better served to work along side us in order to provide continuing education for the maintenance staff. We can assist with planning, budgeting, and executing various types of ropeway projects.

Ropeway engineering services offered by Above & Beyond includes: ropeway inspections, ropeway modifications, ropeway certifications, and specialized ropeway projects.

Acceptance / Periodic Dynamic Load Tests
Every seven years each owner gets the opportunity to really test their lifts with a Dynamic Load test. In order to have the best load test results possible (and not break anything in the process) you should consider utilizing someone that conducts or observes multiple load tests every year. This is especially beneficial if you have had staff turnover since the last load test.